Muslim Suite
Dance: Sua ko Sua
Meaning: My pomelo tree
Dance Culture: Lowland Muslim (Coastal)
Place of Origin: Jolo, Sulu
Ethnolinguistic Group: Tausog
Classification: Mimetic, Courtship
Performers: Male, Female

The dependence of the Tausog on the pomelo tree and its fruits have created a bond between the two which prompted the Tausog of Jolo, Sulu to make a dance honoring the latter. The Sua-Ku-Sua or “my pomelo tree” is a dance that likens the sua’s gentle leaves, attractive fruits, its fragrance and slender body to that of a lady. Performed by couples, the Sua-Ku-Sua dancers make use of two white fans that are swayed, as if to signify the swaying of the leaves of the sua tree while singing along with the music in their rice powder-covered faces.

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